Touching the Ground Beneath Our Feet

We usually used to dream about the wine; how it must be, and how we will enjoy about; but there is time to touch the Ground and understand that the real beauty manifests in the simplicity.

I have spoken in the past about there are many points very important that configures the wine style: Soil, Plant, Weather and Men. In this winter time, I am remembering about soil because of a visit to one of my vineyards in Valtuille de Abajo – Bierzo, Spain. Sigue leyendo Touching the Ground Beneath Our Feet

Human Rights, Vineyards Rights??

Human Rights, Vinayards Rights??

Yesterday I get absolutely confused and sad reading the following article at Diario de León:

«La DO Bierzo rechaza liberalización de plantación de vinedos en 2015» DO Bierzo denies Liberty for Humans to plant vines. Yes, it is. If you want to plant a vine in order to get grapes, you are not allowed.

Icredible? Yes!!! But we are in Old Europe, where we use to speak about the Rights we have, and not about the Right We deny. Sigue leyendo Human Rights, Vineyards Rights??