Demencia 2010

Demencia Concept.

Our project is ambitious and somehow idealistic. We want to elaborate a wine for collection with our variety Mencia, a wine that people can keep in their cellar for years. Production is limited since all the work is done by our own hands, maintaining an eco-sustainable winegrowing.

In any case, it must be something in these small parcels that we cannot explain, transmitting exceptionally comforting sensations. We only bottle Demencia in the very best years; 2011 vintage there will not be Demencia.

For getting this, we are working in a very traditional way in which time is our allied. We do not sell any bottle of wine 5 years after harvesting.


2010 Vintage.

It was a very rainy winter, and this rain allows the plants to get reserves in their old roots. The spring wasn’t too hot, and the plants suffered some frost days. The summertime was really hot with only a few rainy days that help the vines to get a perfect maturation.

A very slow and long maduration of the fruit gives us this touch of minerality that only appears the very best vintage in this variety and region. With this elaboration we want to express the origin. Present tannins, ripeness and acidity that allow the wine to have a great evolution in the bottle.

This is a wonderful vintage for us that gave us a very unique wine of our identity – Demencia.



Fermented in 1500-liter stainless steel tanks, indigenous yeasts; maceration during 48 hours prior to fermentation; alcoholic fermentation during 12 days, punching the cap manually to favor the extraction of polyphenols and aromas. Drawing off by gravity without pressing.

Aging 15 months in French oak barrels; it finished alcoholic fermentation in them, and during the initial six months the wine was kept with selected fine lees, performing frequent “battonages” (lees stirring). We only rack the wine once, and the cold in the winter makes a natural stabilization. The wine is not subjected to microfiltration nor stabilizing treatments.


Analytical data:

Production:                            4,056 0,75l bottles.
Bottleling.                              August 2012

Alcoholic content:                15.00% vol.
Total acidity                           5.90g
pH:                                           3.60
Free Sulphur:                         10mg/l
Total Sulphur:                        50mg/l
Volatile acidity:                      0.60 g/l