Demencia Villegas 2010

Demencia Villegas 2010

Demencia began at year 2006 in a vineyard located  at a place called Villegas. Our project is ambitious and somehow idealistic. Production is limited since all the work is done by our own hands, maintaining an eco-sustainable winegrowing.

At Bierzo, Our vines are very old and the terrain has very specific characteristics, especially due to its
slope and composition, sometimes very sandy. These peculiarities have forced the plants,
over years of cultivation, to adapt to the uniqueness of this small natural environment.

Viña Labrada

This weather seems to give us very traditional and classical wines, lovely acidity, and possibly a long time evoluting in the bottle; a great future.

At 2010 Vintage, we decided to go back to the roots, and elaborate an unique wine from the Villegas area, close to Valtuille, where we bagan working at the beginning. Demencia Villegas 2010.


3 plots terroir-selected in the area of Villegas, Valtuille. Total area: 0.95 acres.


100% Mencía.


September 15th. Manual harvest, transporting the fruit in small crates to the winery.


Fermented in 1500-liter stainless steel tanks; maceration during 48 hours prior to fermentation; alcoholic fermentation during 12 days, punching the cap manually to favor the extraction of polyphenols and aromas. Devatting by gravity without pressing.


15 months in French oak barrels; during the initial six months, the wine was kept with selected fine lees, performing frequent  “battonages” (lees stirring). The wine is not subjected to microfiltration nor stabilizing treatments.

Date of Bottleling.

August 13th, 2012.
Total Production: 704 bottles.

Analytical data:

Alcohol content:  15.00% vol
Total Acidity:  7.65 g/l
pH:  3.58
Volatile Acidity: 0.50 g/l

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