Demencia 2006


Grounds of frank composition with sandy tendency, directions to slope east slight, and a cepaje of high age, genetic adaptation to the surroundings, and suitable characteristics were selected to 3 parcels in the environs of Valtuille, looking for obtaining concentrated wines.


100% Mencía.


September 16th. We harvested the grapes by hand with our friends, spend the hole day having good time, and hard time too; we transported them in boxes to the cellar.


We made the wine in a friend’s cellar, by hand, most of the time at night, and fermented it in tanks 1500 litres in volume. The only thing we do is to take care about how the grapes develops. In our opinion it’s important to make the fermentation in small volumes because it’s the way the winemaker can take care about it, and it’s possible to control the temperatures without a machine that has got a great consume of energy.


14 months of ageing in barrels of French oak; the first 4 months, the wine stayed with frequent a fine lias selection being made “battonages”.

Date of Bottleling.

February 2nd 2008. Total Production: 1,924 bottles.

Analytical data:

Alcohol content:  14.50% vol

Total Acidity:  5.10 g/l

pH:  3.75

Volatile Acidity: 0.70 g/l

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