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#2. By Jason Cohen. (Created in English) – Full version at:

A certain grape exists in northern Spain,
Deserving of a greater reputation,
Whose wines you should endeavor to obtain
Provided you’re a fan of exploration.

Mencia is a grape I’ve met before,
To which I’ve humbly tried to draw attention,
Yet seldom can I find it in a store:
A fact that violates my comprehension.

When last I spoke of this exquisite grape,
The bottle I reviewed had been Galician:
A lovely, floral, elegant escape –
My first from this alternative location.

(… …)

A crimson purple hue within the glass,
With notes of graphite, clove, and berries black,
The wine displayed Mencia’s normal mass,
While archetypal raggedness it lacked.

Among Demencia’s many fabled talents
A certain one especially impressed me:
The wine possessed unmitigated balance,
As fruit and spice and earth in turn addressed me.

We drank the wine with now-forgotten cheeses,
(I think that there was Stilton in attendance),
But sometimes, even though a pairing pleases,
It fails to reach that lofty goal: transcendence.

My record with Mencia is a strong one,
With nary an example I’ve discarded.
I doubt I’ll ever chance to choose a wrong one,
Or one that’s any less than well-regarded.

Yet this was no conventional example –
Indeed, it even ranks as rather strange –
Mencia whose typicity was ample,
Yet elegant beyond the normal range:

I’d recommend the wine, if you can find it,
(And happen to possess sufficient money);
But can I throw my full support behind it?
Of course! Foremost of all, the pun was funny.

#1. By Emilio Parrado-Hernández. (Created in Spanish)

Con andar lento cruza los oteros
a regar con mencía pobladas bancas
de taberna, a decir palabras francas
un filósofo entre los bodegueros.

Hermes sobre clásicas alas blancas
adoras a Dionisos, burlas a Eros
retas a Cronos, Cuesta de Libreros
romances te cantan las Salamancas.

Atleta de ballet, tu correr fino
sinfonía condensada en Scherzo
cadencia señorial, paso divino.

Tornas viento leonés, antes el cierzo
en un soplo creador cuando haces vino
Demente, autor genial, ¡Loco de El Bierzo!

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