Demencia 2007

2007 summer wasn’t extremely hot but at the end of it, we had a warm weather that gave us a very nice and healthy maduration with a wonderful grape. We monitorored ripening sampling and analyzing, of course, but we also consider important the tasting of the grapes. Checking them, touching them, tasting them, sensing them…

The whole production was done by hand, evoking the traditions of the area. We implemented what we heard from our elders, without ever forgetting to perform a careful and exclusive selection of the raw materials, and applying the technical knowledge that our seniors only knew by experience.


8 terroir selected in the environs of Valtuille, called Matadeprada, VAldelaliebre, Valdemanteiga, Villegas, looking for grounds of frank composition with sandy tendency, direction to slope east slight, and a cepaje of high age.


100% Mencía.


September 15th to October 4th. We harvested the grapes by hand with our friends. We transported them in boxes to the cellar.


The wine was fermented in stainless steel tanks 1500 litres in volume. Spending 48 hours by pre-fermentation maceration. The alcoholic fermentation lasts 12 days, moving the liquid by hand. We take out the wine without pressing.


16months of ageing in barrels of French oak; the first 6 months, the wine stayed with frequent a fine lias selection being made “battonages”.

Date of Bottleling.

April 2009. Total Production: 4,608 bottles.

Analytical data:

Alcohol content:  15.00% vol

Total Acidity:  6.95 g/l

pH:  3.48

Volatile Acidity: 0.59 g/l

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